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Rock out TunA

Just in case you’ve listened to your goody bag CD and we’re wondering who the bands and artists were here’s a list.

I haven’t embedded a link to their sites but if you Google them they’re all on My Space etc.

The Transpersonals / Official Secrets Act / Caitlyn Hessell / Ya Kiez / Papa La Bas / King Tide / Forty Thieves Orkestar / Amycanbe / K Anderson / Schwab / Nell Bryden / Lack of Afro / Amp Fiddler / Officer Kicks

If you liked what you heard and enjoy discovering new sounds then have a look at TunA the Day.

You get 3 tracks a week to listen to (plus a bit of nonsense from me) and we cover music for all tastes. Best of all it’s 100% free to join.

Cheers Ade



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