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Sarah and friend clean up the office

Sarah and friend clean up the office

Paula B in essential tech fashion show

Paula B in essential tech fashion show


It’s 2:10 on Saturday morning. I’ve just got back from The Phone Room and found that my daughter has decided to sneak into my bed, so before I get some shut eye (in hers) and just wanted to a MASSIVE THANK YOU to everybody that worked on the phones and off them.

I thought it went really well and I hope you all had good fun.

We totaled over £78,000 in donations which is bloody brilliant.

This blog will remain live for the next few days so if you’d like to comment and have a look at the jokes and pics at your leisure then please do.

Right, I’m off to bed.

X Ade

OK I’m calling it a night on the blog.

Thanks for all the jokes and up dates. You’ve been amazing all of you.


Ade x

You’ve topped what we did last year you lovely lot!!

AND we raised £254 via the raffle / £47.04 on the cake sale (where the 4p came from I don’t know) and £36 for coming dressed in red 🙂

And best of all…..


Here are some more….

tpr3 tpr1

tpr21 tpr4

Here are a few shots of some of the motley crew we’ve had on the phones




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  • comicrelieftpr: Ha, ha - I've JUST done this. Very apt!!
  • Michelle Ellis: Ah Lewis - How are we going to ever forget your shorts :0) shame we didn't get the odd socks in this though :0) lol :0) Great night Guys :0)
  • comicrelieftpr: The word's scurrilous mate :-)