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Blimey in just less than 1 earth day the mayhem will have started and the phones will be white hot!!!


Had some very good news today; not only are Jack FM coming down to cover the story, but BBC Radio Oxford are interviewing Rebekah LIVE at 8am tomorrow. I have a feeling she’s not looking forward to the experience too much 🙂

You’ll be fine – no one listens to the station anyway!!!

See you all tomorrow.

Pip pip



We had our last planning meeting before Comic Relief night today. Everything SEEMS to be all sorted – although it would’ve nice if our latest press release had been responded to. At least Jack FM are covering it on the morning.

The prize list for the raffle and competitions gets longer and longer – people are soooo generous.

Looks like we’ve got plenty of eatables and drinkables for everybody now – I can see a lot of people are going to be on a sugar high on Friday night 🙂

That’s about it for now. Can’t wait for it to happen….just hope the car parking works out OK!!

Pip pip



Did you hear the one about the man with no teeth? Hilarious!

On the night, as a way of keeping the atmos jolly and light, we’d like you to submit jokes and funnies.

Nothing rude or offensive please and well have prizes for any that make us split our sides or even raise a smile.

You can either send them via the comments section here or tell it to your team leader and we’ll get them posted.

Here’s one to get the ball rolling –

John Peel dies, goes to heaven (naturally) and is met by Kurt Cobain at the gates to the kingdom. Kurt shows him around and introduces him to Buddy Holly, Marvin Gaye and Jimi Hendrix when JP spots a small guy in the corner wearing rap around shades and mouthing off about politics.

‘I didn’t realize Bono had kicked the bucket’ says John. ‘No, no that’s not Bono’ replies Kurt. ‘That’s God. He just thinks he’s Bono!’ Ta-da!!!!!



We’ve had so much help from local companies donating services, prizes and provisions for Red Nose Day that I thought it would be a good idea to get in an early thank you before it all gets crazy.

So, in no particular order, a HUGE splodge of gratitude to; The Fabulous Bakin’ Boys, Warburton’s Bakery in Bicester, Rapture Entertainment, Blenheim Palace, The Fishes, The Oxford Playhouse, The New Theatre, Le Manoir, Windrush Glider Club, Wychwood Brewery, Allen Associates, Hartwell Vauxhall in Kidlington, Krispy Creme Doughnuts Oxford, The Oxford Duplication Centre Botley Co-op, Mind, M & S Summertown and TunA the Day.

And a HUGE ta to all those that have volunteered to staff the phones and work behind the scenes.

If I’ve missed any one out PLEASE tell me.

Just a quick entry to say hello and that it’s just 3 days before the manic fun begins. This blog has been set up for Fri 13th March and the days running up to it.

Please feel free to comment and send me stuff to stick on it

Cheers Ade


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  • comicrelieftpr: Ha, ha - I've JUST done this. Very apt!!
  • Michelle Ellis: Ah Lewis - How are we going to ever forget your shorts :0) shame we didn't get the odd socks in this though :0) lol :0) Great night Guys :0)
  • comicrelieftpr: The word's scurrilous mate :-)